Category: Important Info

Important Dates

Dear All,

The school year is nearly coming to an end and we have a few presentations to wrap it up with.

WWII Presentation:

Children are already teamed up and given specific topics to research on. They are expected to present on 22nd June (Thursday) for 10-15 mins.

UN days:

We will reenact what it is like to hold a conference in the UN.
Day 1 23rd June (Friday)
Introduction of Countries
Day 2 26th June (Monday)
Discuss on topics, e.g. global warming, whale hunting, and nuclear weapon etc.


Important Websites


Here are some important websites we use in P5.

Facebook: This is the school’s official Facebook page. Please “like” our page for more updates about the school.

Mathletics: This is a website full of maths online games. Sometimes we assign homework here! Usernames and passwords are given to students.

Library: This is a P5B-only website since we are running a test on it. It is a website of the books the students have checked out. Individual passwords are given to students.

For more information, please contact your class teacher.